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About Jihatsu Eco Farm

We help you experience nature. We are young farmers living in a remote house in the beautiful mountains of Nasugbu, Batangas.

Our blog reaches out to people who crave an experience with nature. Our stories, vegetables, and fruits grow from the belief that nature knows best and that nature is part of everyone’s identity.

Our farm is a home for birds that sing their charming songs in the tall trees and where marvelous butterflies fly to vibrant flowers. These are all thanks to our commitment to biodiversity and ecological farming principles.

Every day on the forest farm is spontaneous and full of wonder! It is this that we bring to you.

Why Jihatsu?

Jihatsu is the Japanese word for Spontaneous. By its definition, spontaneous means arising on its own or developing without external force.

The way we live and farm follows the Jihatsu way. It is inspired by the respected Japanese Natural Farmer Masanobu Fukuoka.

Following the Jihatsu way allows us to let the spontaneous growth of trees and plants live beside our crops which diversify and makes our natural farm stronger.

Who we are


Iso loves the beach and has a fondness for animals. She abandoned her city life after living in the city for years. Her yearning for nature made her return to the countryside. Now she writes and works at Jihatsu Eco Farm together with her wife, dog, and cat.


Steph has been exploring and observing forests since she was a child in the Netherlands. From mushrooms and worms to trees and vines, she dedicates her life to understanding nature. She now applies this knowledge to Jihatsu Eco Farm.