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All You Need Is Seed

The only thing the soil needs is seeds…

Forget about fertilizers; forget about microorganisms; forget about mulch.

What your soil needs right now is seeds.

What happens when you plant seeds?

Plants start growing. Taking carbon(dioxide) from the air, energy from the sun, and inorganic nutrients from the soil.

Sugar baby

Plants use carbon, sunlight, water, and soil nutrients to create sugars.

Sugars are like the money of the natural world.
And plants are the only ones that can make sugar from sunlight and the air.

Plants use sugars to attract and grow bacteria and fungi in the soil.
They do this by releasing sugars into the soil from the roots. This is called exudates.

These bacteria and fungi help the plant grow better by changing the soil Ph, changing the structure of the soil, increasing water retention, protecting the plant from pathogens, and by turning inorganic rock into organic nutrients.

Everything starts from plants (seeds)

Once you have your plants you can cut them and make mulch. This feeds the microorganisms even more and protects the microorganisms from drying out and dying.

The bacteria and fungi are eaten by earthworms and other creatures.
The manure of earthworms enrich the soil with organic matter and their digging changes the soil structure which helps plants grow better.

Earthworms are eaten by birds. Not only does the bird manure enrich the soil more, birds also spread seeds.

Spread seeds like the birds do.
And the big wheel of natural ecosystems starts spinning. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster… and faster.

Until you have a forest and enjoy the fruits and cool shade of the trees.

Once you plant seeds you will get your fertilizers and organic matter, you will get your microorganisms, and you will get your mulch.

So start with spreading seeds right away.

If you need help with spreading seeds then read my other blog How to make seed balls.

If you don’t know what seeds to pick check out this blog. Plants you must have.

Sowing seeds is the start of a long journey.

It is the start for you to connect with nature.

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