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Are We All Eggs? And Is Reality A Fractal Matryoshka Doll?

Recently I was snorkeling in the ocean and watching the corals. As I was swimming I kind a felt like I was in a giant placenta and the ocean was a womb, and I was a baby inside it. And when I would resurface I felt like I was being born.

Later that night when I fell asleep I felt the darkness surround me. Then again I felt like the darkness was a placenta and space was a womb, with me being a baby inside it. When I awoke I felt born.

This got me into further thinking. That everything has a shell, and is kind of like an egg. I firmly belief in the principle of… “As above, so below”.

As above, so below

The phrase as above, so below originally came from an Arabic Hermetic text called the “Emerald Tablet of the 9th century. It phrase was translated from Arabic to Latin which reads.

Quod est superius est sicut quod inferius, et quod inferius est sicut quod est superius.

That which is above is like to that which is below, and that which is below is like to that which is above.

The quote was later simplified in the 19th century to: “As above, so below”.

Examples of as above, so below.

Start at 0. Then read up or down.

  • 15. It is possible that the universe itself is surrounded by a kind of membrane to separate itself from other universes inside the multi-verse.
  • 14. Space itself is also expanding, much like how the womb of a pregnant woman expands as the baby grows.
    Could it be possible the larger super being will birth itself from the universe into another greater dimension?
  • 13. The galaxy cluster in turn are part of even larger structures like for example the Sloan Great Wall or the filaments.
    Could this be part of a larger super being inside the universe?
  • 12. The galaxy cluster itself is part of an even larger group of clusters called a super cluster.
  • 11. The galaxy itself is part of a group of galaxies called a galaxy cluster.
  • 10. The core of our galaxy contains a black hole surrounded by stars in spiral or spherical patterns.
  • 9. The solar system itself is surrounded by the Oort Cloud a spherical shaped cloud of asteroids.
  • 8. The inner planets of the solar system are separated from the outer planets by a ring-shaped asteroid belt.
  • 7. Further out in space the Earth is also surrounded by a torus shaped electro-magnetic field created by the inner core.
  • 6. The Earth itself is surrounded by an gaseous atmosphere.
  • 5. The iron hot inner core of the Earth is surrounded by a cooler mantle made of silicate rocks.
  • 4. Cities are surrounded by circular motorways extending out to farms.
  • 3. And even our houses we surround by gates and lands which we call gardens.
  • 2. We surround our bodies by walls, which we call houses.
  • 1. Our skin is the shell of our body.
  • 0. Our brain is surrounded by a skull.
  • -1. Each of our organs are inside of a sac or shell. And groups of organs in turn are each in a membrane as well.
  • -2. The cells in our body are each encapsulated in a cell membrane.
  • -3. Inside the cell the mitochondria and peroxisomes are also each surrounded by a membrane.
  • -4. And the cell DNA is surrounded by a nucleus / nuclear envelope.
  • -5. An atom is surrounded by an electron cloud with the nucleus at it’s center.


As you can see reality seems to be structured like a fractal to the larger scale down towards the smallest scale. Similar to a giant matryoshka doll. We are eggs inside eggs inside eggs. The moment we are born we exit out of one structure and enter into another superstructure which is just another egg.
It is unknown how far this fractal extends in either direction from big to small. It could be possible that it is infinite, or that it is still growing and forming into infinity.
Either way this is an interesting topic to think about.

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