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Experimenting With Rice: Part 2 – 2020

“Trees are the guardians of the soil. Even in flooded paddies, growing large and small trees on mounds right in the fields themselves is an excellent idea. The paddies near Sukhothai, Thailand, are filled with such trees. Those fields are among the finest examples of the natural farming method for growing paddy rice anywhere in


Experimenting With Rice Part 1 – 2019

Last week  I bought 9 kilograms of rice for 315 PHP or 5.25 Euros. 3 kilograms each of per variety, so 3 varieties in total. I would like to buy a lot more, but I got to use the resources available to me. It takes about 40 kilograms of rice to sow 1 hectare with


Experimenting With Outdoor Mushroom Growing

Creating an outdoor mushroom patch I have recently obtained several fully colonized fruiting bags of white oyster mushroom. However I do not have the space for growing them indoors and personally I do not like so much indoor mushroom growing, because of environmental reasons which I list below. 1. If you live in a cold


12 Nitrogen Fixing Trees You Never Heard Of

Nitrogen fixing trees list Here is a list of tropical nitrogen fixing trees that you probably never heard of. Most of these are native to the Philippines or Southeast Asia, or spread around the tropics of the wold. Local Filipino names are used first followed by the scientific name. Disclaimer: Altho I have grown some


Chemically Ripened Bananas In The Supermarket Do Not Taste Good

Naturally ripened bananas vs chemically ripened bananas It is very common for bananas in supermarkets to be chemically ripened. The chemical ripening process turns the banana perfectly yellow all over and make it ready for eating more quickly than naturally ripened bananas.Some say this is completely harmless and possess no health threats nor does a


People Who Inspired Me

This is a list of names of people that either inspired me or who I think did something beneficial to the world. Most of these people listed below advocated either natural farming; no plowing / no till; reforestation; or environmental restoration. Masanobu Fukuoka, Akinori Kimura, Yoshikazu Kawaguchi, Akira Miyawaki, Kailash Murthy, Bhaskar Save, Bharat Mansata,


Learning To Walk Without Light

In the city we are bombarded of lights and flashes that remind us of the urgency and importance of human ideas; on the right we see perfect beauty, on the left we are blasted with ego; at the sides we are distracted by fancy lights of consumerism. indeed, our eyes might become strain from all


How to Cook Vegetarian Sinigang

Vegetarian vegetable Sinigang is going to be your next meal. Its sweet and sour flavor will give you goosebumps! Sinigang is originally cooked with pork or shrimp, but since we’re vegetarian I’ll teach you how to make it as tasty as the original one without meat. Want to know the secret? Keep reading and I’ll


How To Plant Sweet Potato

Planting sweet potato is as easy as sticking a stem in the ground, but if you want to know all about how to do the perfect planting. Keep on reading… What is sweet potato Sweet potato is an easy to grow tropical perennial (a plant that stays alive for more than 1 year) root crop

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Why Bitter is Better: Learning to Love the True Taste of Nature

I love sweet food. Anything in the range of sweet to sour I can handle, but not bitter. Definitely not anything that tastes weird and twists your tongue. But nature isn’t always sweet. It doesn’t just offer a tooth ache; it gives medicines and nutrients my body needs and sometimes it’s not found in the