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Why I Do Not Do Hugelkultur

Disclaimer: Before I begin this post I just want to say I am not criticizing hugelkultur or saying it should not be done. If you are doing hugelkultur or want to do it I encourage you to do it as it is a good practice. This post is just explaining why I personally do not

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Why Dry Cracked Soils Are Not That Bad

In this post I try to explain why cracking as seen in dry, hard clay soils is not as bad as it seems and no reason for panic. Then I compare my dry cracked soils to the plowed soils of the neighbor. Then I proceed to explain my thoughts on soil fertility and different methods

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How To Create Natural Seeds Or The Dehybridization Of Commercial Hybrids

How to create natural seeds or the dehybridization of commercial hybrids, also known as landrace gardening or re-wilding. The process of turning modern hybrids back to wilder forms. The primary goal in the natural forest farm is extremely high biodiversity (many different types of species) and high genetic diversity (many varieties of the same species).

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Rescuing A Dog From Starvation

You have met our dog Seidr and our dog Yaku. Now it is time for you to meet the son of Yaku and Seidr, whom we have named Niji which is Japanese for Rainbow. On September 2020 Yaku gave birth to 5 puppies. We realized we could not take care of 7 dogs so we

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Guiding Principles Of Natural Farming

The guiding principles of natural farming expanded: Disclaimer: These principles are called “guiding” because there are no rules in natural farming. There is no institute, no police, and no organization telling you what you can not and can do. Depending on where you are in the world and your situation things can change and there

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Look At This Mango Tree

Look at this little mango tree… It is growing underneath the shade of a big mango tree and a Narra tree. I have not sown nor planted it… The mango fruit naturally fell from the tree to the ground in a thick layer of mango leaf litter. There the fruit was devoured by ants, bees,

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Dreaming My Life Away

It is somewhere in the middle of the day. I ask my wife what time it is. She does not know. I ask her what date it is. She does not know. I ask her what day it is. “I am not sure.. is it Monday? or Wednesday? or perhaps Friday?”. She responds. We both


Loving Nature

The concerns and worries of what vegetables to grow; when will the next rain come; when to sow; what will work and what won’t; the costs of production and expectation of profits; the pressure of growing crops – All of it can give a sense of anxiety. But in the clear moments, one can truly


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