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How My Wife Got Cured With Sambong A Local Plant Medicine

This is the story of how my wife’s sinusitis got cured with Sambong (Blumea balsimifera), a local plant medicine. If you are also suffering from sinusitis then read below on instructions of how to prepare sambong to cure your sinusitis.

One day my wife Isobelle got a bad case of sinusitis. Her nose was severely clogged every day. She had trouble breathing and even got headaches. Her face was also hurting from the intense pressure of the clogged nose and she experienced throat pain as well as troubled sleep and general fatigue with a minor fever.

We were scared of going to the hospital, because of the coronavirus pandemic; we were afraid we would get infected with the virus from being in contact with patients and hospital personnel.
That is why we had to find our own solution.

In the first 2 to 3 weeks the sinusitis was only mild and we thought it was just a common cold. My wife ate healthy soups; rested a lot; and drank lots of ginger and turmeric tea.
However, in the last 3 to 4 weeks it was becoming more severe with the symptoms described above.

We consulted our “Halamang Gamot” (Plant medicine) book about herbal medicines with local Filipino plants, which we bought a few months earlier. In there we found a cure for sinusitis with a plant called locally Sambong (Blumea balsimifera). This plant has very high levels of camphor.

We were very lucky that we had 1 and only 1 wild sambong plant growing on our land sticking out above the tall wild grass. Reading about its growth environment I found out that this plant usually grows amongst tall grasses. Had we plowed the land or cut, or burned the grasses then this medicinal plant would never have grown here and this gift of nature would not have been given to us.

How to prepare Sambong (Blumea balsimifera)

The instructions for preparing sambong is to boil the leaves of the plant in water for around 20 minutes and then inhale the steam with a towel over one’s head like a mini sauna. After 20 minutes of inhaling the vapor, the tea can be drunk. Using sambong this way is effective for curing sinusitis.https://www.high-endrolex.com/17

My wife said that immediately after being done with the steaming she was able to breathe more easily and felt relieved. She also had a good night’s sleep, which she didn’t have for a long time. The next day most of her symptoms became less and within 3 to 5 days she was completely cured. The steaming with sambong was done once to twice a day for 5 days.

Sambong plants
The beautiful tall sambong plants growing on the farm.

My wife and I were very grateful and happy with the sambong that was given to us by nature for our well-being.
To this day the sambong is still growing well on the farm, not only has it grown taller but it has even reproduced and now there are a lot more sambong plants growing.
If even after using sambong you are still not cured from sinusitis, I recommend you visit a doctor.

Thank you for reading.
What are your experiences with plant medicines?

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