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The Cycles And The Elements

All supreme knowledge is hidden in plain sight. It it is All right there in front of you.
You simply just need to see it. Observation is the ground of All knowledge.

The Grand Cosmos is governed by only 3 fundamental forces united by the fourth during 3+1 time periods.

*Force of creation and formation.

-Period of birth. (past)

*Force of preservation and conservation.

-Period of being. (present)

*Force of destruction and transformation.

-Period of death. (future)

*Fundamental force of spirit.

-Period of non-being. (timeless)

All things that exist behave according to a cyclical nature from the microscopic to the macroscopic. (As above, so below). Many cycles exist within other cycles.
Common symbols associated with cyclical nature are the circle, the spiral, and the wave.

While many might associate negative things with the force or destruction, it is essentially a good thing.

The past is constantly being destroyed to make room for the new future. Meaning that nothing will last and everything is transient or impermanent. All things are constantly flowing and changing.

The only negative about this is that whatever good situation you have will go away eventually. The positive thing is that if you have bad situation, it too will change and go away.
If you accept the force of destruction and transformation as a natural part of your life and the universe as a whole then destruction becomes the ultimate source of creation and and great source of creativity.
Because to create the new you need to destroy the old first.

All things in the universe can be described with the 5 elements.

The 5 states of matter; the 5 cardinal directions; the 5 sense media

Earth solid south touch
Water liquid east light
Air gas north smell
Fire plasma west taste
Space space center sound

The symbol to show this is the five pointed star also known as a pentagram.
The pentagram outlines the human body with the head and body, the 2 arms, and the 2 legs.
Another sign of the 5 elements in the human body is the 5 fingers and the 5 toes.

Why 3 times and why 5 elements?
Because the Universe runs on odd numbers. Odd numbers represent change and the movement of energy. Odd numbers represent change because they are “unequal and uneven”. Whatever is unequal needs to be equalized and this starts the process of change and movement.

In the human body the five elements manifest as such:
Bones, teeth, and hair belong to Earth element.
Blood, urine, saliva, brain sap and other juices belong to the Water element.
Inhaled and exhaled air and the oxygen, and the carbon dioxide in the body belongs to the Air element.
Body heat, the heart, muscles, and organs belong to the Fire element.
The mind and consciousness belongs to the Space element.

In sex the five elements are combined to create new life:

First by the rubbing of the genitals the Fire element is activated by heat.
This also increases the rate of the heart beat and the passions.
Second, because Fire element increases it draws in more of the Air element.
This increases the breathing rate and breathing becomes more deep.
Third the Water element is activated to balance the Fire element.
This causes the genitals to become wet to reduce friction and prevent pain.
Fourth the Earth element is activated and mind melts down to the earth
This causes subtle pleasures from the top of the spine down to the base of the spine with increasing pleasures in the genitals.
Fifth the elements are released and ejected into space to provide a body for a new mind.
This causes orgasm in which bliss is felt and the mind does not hold any (conceptual) thoughts for a short moment.

Once the sperm has entered into the womb and fertilized an egg a consciousness will enter the egg. Then the mind will start collecting matter to rebuild its body.
The consciousness is not that of the mother nor the father, but from a mind or spirit that had died and is in the spirit-ual dimension looking for a suitable host to enter into a new life.
Note that also the consciousness is not inside the sperm, and neither inside the egg. The sperm and the egg are secondary causes for a consciousness to be able to interact with matter.

The five elements also manifest in plant life:
The wood, the stem, and the roots belong to the Earth element.
The water, the sap, and other liquids belong to the Water element.
The oxygen, carbon dioxide, and smells of the plant belong to the Air element.
Growth, heat production, and evaporation of the plant belongs to the Fire element.
Plant intelligence, movement, and consciousness of the plant belongs to the Space element.

Knowledge can be found by observing and contemplating each of the elements. To know one element completely is to know them all. And to know them all is to know each one.
For all the elements are of one essence and essentially of the same nature.
Do not study, for the human intellect is completely useless. To study means to dissect and to dissect means to seperate. The more one studies the more one is separated and goes further away from knowledge. Studying is to destroy and break the object of knowledge, but what is destroyed by human intellect can not be put together again.
Human intellect breaks down knowledge into a fragmentation, conceptualized, fantasy world of categories and labels. Knowledge derived from human intellect
Simply observe. Leave it as it is. Do not break it apart, do not conceptualize.
Observing is non-violence and peaceful, it it is the doorway to enter into knowledge.

To understand Earth observe the mountains, forests, the plants, and meadows.
To understand Water observe the oceans, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and the rain.
To understand Air observe the sky, the horizon, the clouds, smoke, and the heavens.
To understand Fire observe the sun, the stars, the moon, and fires.
To understand Space observe the mind, living beings, the spirit world, and the present moment.

Mundane human knowledge comes from studying. Supreme knowledge comes from observing the five elements and the three forces of time..
In fact there are no such thing as “five elements”. or “three forces of time”, but to explain the Primordial Truth it must be explained in the symbolic form of “five elements” or “thee forces of time” to communicate the Primordial Truth in a conceptual way; without it being too much corrupted by human intellect. However the Primordial Truth itself can not be communicated, nor explained by anyone.
In the end you must find out the Primordial Truth yourself, nobody else can.
Each one will find it out for themselves when the correct conditions have manifested. But do not be mistaken. You have never lost the Primordial Truth; it was never taken from you; it was never hidden; and thus you can not obtain it.
You can only find out yourself what is already inside of you.

Math & Cycles

1*9 = 9 9+0 = 9
2*9 = 18 1+8 = 9
3*9 = 27 2+7 = 9
4*9 = 36 3+6 = 9
5*9 = 45 4+5 = 9
6*9 = 54 5+4 = 9
7*9 = 63 6+3 = 9
8*9 = 72 7+2 = 9
9*9 = 81 8+1 = 9
10*9 = 90 9+0 = 9
11*9 = 99 9+9 = 18 1+8 = 9
12*9 = 108 1+0+8 = 9

Earth has 1 cycle in 24 hours, divided by and night
24/2 = 12
2+4 = 6
(2+4)*2 = 12

6 senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, consciousness.
3 types of feelings: pleasant, neutral, unpleasant.
2 places where feelings occur: internally and externally.
3 times where feelings occur: past, present, future.

6*3*2*3 = 108

For man 9 holes in the human body

2 eyes
2 ears
2 nostrils
1 mouth
1 asshole
1 peehole

2+2+2+1+1+1 = 9
12*9 = 108

For women the womb is the 10th hole of the body. After the number 9 the cycle of 0 to 9 repeats from 10 to 19.
Inside the womb is where the cycle of life and death starts again.

Here is a list of cycles from shorter to longer found in the universe:

Cycle of breath
cycle of inhalation
start of inhalation
period of inhalation
end of inhalation
period in between inhalation and exhalation
cycle of exhalation
start of exhalation
period of exhalation
end of inhalation.
period in between exhalation and inhalation

Cycle of daylight
start of sun rising
period of sun shining
start of sun setting
period in between sunset and sunrise

Cycle of a human day
period of waking up
period of being awake
period of falling asleep
period in between falling asleep and waking up

Cycle of the moon
start of moon becoming fuller
period of moon being full
start of moon becoming less full
period of moon not being visible

Cycle of a human life
period of birth
period of living
period of death
period in between death and life

Cycle of solar eclipse
period of moon disc entering the sun disc
period of sun being eclipsed
period of moon disc leaving the sun disc
period in between moon entering and moon leaving the sun disc.

Cycle of a civilization
period of growth and progress
period of prosperity and peace
period of destruction and degeneration
period of remnants of old society spreading out to form new societies

Cycle of a star
period of clumping together of matter
period of star shining in equilibrium
period of star explosion
period star remnants

Cycle of a universe
period of galaxy formation
period of stability and forms of life
period of dissolution and decay
period in between the end of the previous universe and the creation of the next universe

There are many other places where cycles occur such as: the heartbeat, dancing, music, art, crafts, and sex.
When we tune into the cycles of nature our lives will naturally become more balanced and harmonious.

If you have being paying attention you will notice that the boundaries between the period of creation, the period of preservation, and the period of destruction overlap and merge into each other.  And that even if one tries to look for a clearly defined boundary between two periods, you can not find it. This is because essentially all three time periods and its three forces happen at exactly the same instant moment in the period of the timeless.

Know this to be certain:

“There is nothing other than this [present moment], this [present moment] is it.
Do not aspire nor desire for anything more or greater than this [present moment], if you do; all is lost.”

What is known as birth [Creation] is simply the previous moment.
What is known as life [Preservation] is simply the present moment.
What is known as death [Destruction] is simply the next moment.
There is no (re)-birth, there is no death. There is no after life. There is no origin.
There is no ending.
All that existed and was; all that exists and is; all that will exist and will be:
All that has never existed and never was; all the does not exist and is not; all that wont exist and never will be:

All supreme knowledge is hidden in plain sight. It it is All right there in front of you.
You simply just need to see it. Observation is the ground of All knowledge.



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