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10 Things That Remind Me Of God And The Perfection of Nature

1. A bee in a flower.

The union of the bee and the flower in one instance shows the enormous complexity of nature, but at the same time simple beauty.

All of creation can be understood in the display of bees and flowers and when I see it I can’t help but smile.

2. The full moon at night.

The bright full moon at night shows the mystery of the universe, but also tranquility and wisdom.

It shows the light in the darkness and the contrast between life and death
The moon gives a glimpse of hope, a hint of something beyond our ordinary knowledge.

When I see the full moon I am in awe and think of the wisdom of sages.

3. The clear blue sky

The crystal clear blue sky shows us the pure joy of simply being alive.
Being alive without motives or aspirations.
Just being here and now, and enjoying it.
Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Just the sky.

The sky is entirely transparent and we can’t actually see it, yet it appears blue.
We cant look at the sky, we can only look through it.

Just like how God is unseen, but appears.
Likewise we not look at God, but we can look through God’s eyes and see the perfection of everything and nothing.

4. The setting and rising sun.

I once heard a wise man say “The sunset has no meaning, but it is meaningful”

The sunset by itself has indeed no meaning. Its just a ball of fire setting on the horizon, which it does everyday for billions of years.

And yet anyone who has seen the sunset knows how beautiful and meaningful it is.

Sunrises and sunsets give us a glimmer of hope and enthusiasm for a new day or the nostalgia and relieve of a day that is finished.
It also marks the transition period between day and night, life and death, waking and dreaming, humanity and god, sanity and madness.
It is the world of in-between, the knife’s edge.
It is a time for contemplation on how our life is transitioning.

5. The reflection of the sun in the calm ocean’s waves.

The reflection of the sun in the waves is like the glitter of diamonds and gold, in my opinion more beautiful than real diamonds.

It shows the spark of life. The endlessness of God, the universe, and the creative expression of existence.

6. The sounds of birds chirping.

The sounds of birds chirping is the sound of abundance. It is the sound of the good times, of joy and happiness. The sound of that adds depth to simply being alive.

Without birds, where would we be?

It definitely would be a dull and boring life.
Birds are the soul of nature.

7. The glitter of rays through a tree.

The sun rays piercing through the leaves of a tree reminds me of the love of God.
Its beautiful. Its warm, but not hot.
Its ecstatic, but calm. It is inspiring, but not overwhelming.

8. Earthworms

The amount of beneficial things earthworms do for the ecosystems of the earth is nearly unfathomable.

Earthworms are one of the kindest creatures, they are the friends you can always depend on.

These simple snake-like creatures crawling through the soil shows me what real humility is.
Earthworms tell us that no matter how low you are, you are still worthy and beneficial.
It reminds me of a those people who work the hardest, but are looked down upon by everyone else.

Perhaps nature made earthworms just to tell us to be more kinder to ourselves, kinder to others, and to be less judgemental.

9. Rainbows

Rainbows are the humor of nature. It is the cosmic joke of God. When you see a rainbow it is the universe laughing at you, laughing in your face.

Rainbows rarely appear, and when they do they quickly go away.

This is similar to our own lives. Being born with good, healthy and happy conditions in life is very rare, and before we know it we die.
Poof. Gone. Just like that.
In the instance of a flash our life years pass by us. We only get to enjoy it for a short moment, before we dissappear, but we do enjoy it. We laugh and we cry, and we have fun.

Every person is a rainbow. A rare and unique being, before disappearing into thin air.
That’s life. I am sorry, but I can’t make any more of it.
Nobody truly knows what happens after we disappear, its all speculation.
The rainbow is nothing more than an optical illusion.

10. My wife’s smile.

My wife’s smile is what gives purpose to my life.
Seeing your loved ones smiling and genuinely happy is like finding a treasure chest full of precious jewels and gold.

A smile from the one you love is the heart of God.

If we take the time to observe and enjoy nature then we can all the beauty of creation that we all share.

If you feel inspired by my words then please share it so you can inspire others as well.

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