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Learning To Walk Without Light

In the city we are bombarded of lights and flashes that remind us of the urgency and importance of human ideas; on the right we see perfect beauty, on the left we are blasted with ego; at the sides we are distracted by fancy lights of consumerism. indeed, our eyes might become strain from all the fake bright stars, but we are always forced to keep looking to pretentious suns that do not give us any sense of wonder. Our eyes burn and the fake lights pierce through to the deepest core of our beings, until finally we can hear our souls sizzle and die. It reminds me of the fly that kept going closer to the fire, or of the greek story ___. What better way to describe the city than a reflection of humanity’s desperate need to be the center of attention?

In my natural farm I am simply a shadow of something more important. I am reminded that night draws peculiar life in which their strength comes from being dark. Camouflaged to be invisible, the life that moves from the edges of my eyes remind me that I am to observe, to be silent and in some cases to fear these creatures because it is their time to live.
There are flowers that bloom at the whispers of the cold evening air, and insects that burn and dance with the moon. Two piercing eyes move through thick branches and shrubs, leaving behind claw marks, and there are wings flying above the starry sky. Forward goes the hopping frog covered in grass, while the cold blooded meticulous snakes wonder. Indeed, learning to walk without light simply means to respect the cycle and time of everyone and everything.

I am humbled to be incapable, in some ways, at night. I am given skills to survive yet others are as well. It is fair to say that all has its own timing and with each timing comes when and where life and death happens.

What does darkness do to us other than humility? Well, a lot, but one thing for sure is that humans have been so afraid of the dark that even when we sleep inside a house full of bricks and doors double locked, we still put a light on. We fear death and the uncertainty; the spontaenity or the unpredictabiity of life. So, instead of facing our fears, or being one with it, we decide to hide beneath the lamps.

We no longer want our imagination to wonder through the dark. It is too much, too pervasive, too infinite to stare at complete darkness and find it staring back at us.

Yet, death is like this and so is life. We must be able to accept the factors of our existence and indeed we exist with the presence of darkness. Yes, our existence involves non-light.
Our eyes can perceive darkness the same way it perceives light, only that we have forgotten to accept and love darkness.

To truly accept darkness, we must SEE it. We must be able to open our eyes and see emptiness and be not afraid.
Darkness is an expression of life. It’s creativity is totally unending, full of possibilities. How do we begin to appreciate it?

1. Accept that darkness exists
We will not obliterate darkness. It will not bow down to us nor will it hear our pleas. Instead, we must accept that it exists just as bright as day; it shall pass, and come back, and pass again.

2. Walk without light
To feel less scared of the dark, go outside and walk without light. No cellphone, no flashlights, and no candle. Feel the darkness that surrounds you. You will most likely adjust to it and soon you will realize that you yourself can feel invisible and cloaked in the dark.

Enjoy the natural light of the moon, or the fireflies or the stars. Let them guide you and help you, offer yourself to the powers of others and fear will soon dissipate.

3. Accept the “non-lit” You
Once you see that darkness is not something to be hated or extremely feared, you will soon realize that you can join the dark. Let your thoughts bounce in the inifite space of darkness, let yourself be consumed by it.
You will find a lot of thoughts and ideas. You will find stories, some true and some half true. You will understand that everything is an illusion and that your mind will play sily tricks on you.

When Buddha said that Enlightenment can be achieved, he meant it at any hour and wherever you are. It is not just in a sunny day, you will find that enlightenment is a state of mind.
And when you catch your mind jumping in darkness, you will understand more that whatever the mind thinks or feels, it always passes by.
The non-lit you can be the enlightened you.

Learn to walk without light. Give in to the natural night, find the unpredictability and enjoy the ride and soon it will make you stronger than a blazing sun.

So, will you turn your lamp off and see how far you can go?

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