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I Can Not Survive Without Nature

My wife and I hadn’t been to the Dutch beach for three years. Today, we finally made it there. Before reaching the beach, we had to pass through some sand dunes built by the Dutch to stop the wind and water. There was also a nice forest nearby. We rode our bikes 18 kilometers to


From Simplicity To Complexity (Gall’s Law)

Ever heard of Gall’s law? Me neither, until recently, but Gall’s law is important to understand natural farming, evolution, and ecological succession, and many other things as well. Gall’s law states: “A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never


How To Plant Calamansi

Growing trees from seed is an extremely rewarding experience and I try to grow as many trees from seed as I can. Me and my wife frequently plant calamansi from seed although we also planted a lot of calamansi trees bought from nurseries. We love to make calamansi juice and lemonade from our calamansi fruits.


9 Kinds Of Farms That Exist

When people think of farms, they often imagine fields of vegetables, ripening grains, or trees full or fruit, however that is just one kind of way to use farmland. As you will see there are many different kinds of farms to grow products. 1. Food Farms This first kind of farm is what people usually


10 Practical Uses Of Vines

Unveiling the Versatility of Vines: Exploring Nature’s Multi-Purpose Wonders In the intricate tapestry of nature, vines stand out as remarkable marvels, not just for their twisting tendrils and lush foliage but for the myriad ways they intersect with human life. From the mundane to the mystical, vines have woven themselves into our existence, offering a

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Glass Terrarium Jar

Me and Isobelle visited a gardening center and we found a section that had glass jars with plants inside. We thought they were cute and interesting and that we could do the same thing (for less money). So we found an old glass jar in our home and filled it with some soil. We then


Reef Balls The Seed Balls of The Ocean?

Reef balls are hollow semi-spherical to conical structures of pH neutral concrete, which do not degrade in seawater and are safe for marine life. The reef balls have holes inside for fish and currents to go through.


The Shadow Walkers

Walking on the edges. The dusk and dawn, the intersections. Where the sea meets the sand. And living in the borderland. Between dreams and waking. They walk in shadows. Neither accepted by angels of light, nor demons of dark. Practicing the art Of Shadow walking.


The Poem Of The Wild Couple

The Poem Of The Wild Couple Her long black hair, like the mysteries of the night, flow down her calves like falling stars. The horns on her head shows unwavering pride in all her actions. Her tiger-like sharp fangs and claw-like nails rip apart obstacles and challenges. Her blue eyed, yellow butterfly wings pacifies enemies