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How To Cook The Best Brown Rice Without Rice Cooker

Cooking the best brown rice without a rice cooker is really easy. All you need for this is a pot with a lid that has a small hole in the top. Of course, the very first thing you need to do is wash the rice. Simply soak it for a short time and swish the

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Is Plowing Allowed In Natural Farming?

Is plowing bad for soil? After having trouble establishing vegetables I sought some advice from an experienced natural farmer. He told me to “Plow the soil once for the last time to awaken the soil”. I was really shocked by this. I thought plowing was bad in any circumstance I said to myself… Did I

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Top 5 Tips For Natural Farming

To make natural farming easier, here are my easy top 5 tips for natural farming: 1. Weeds are your friends but do not let them control your life. 2. Use pioneer species and pioneer weeds to speed up regeneration. 3. Do not let any area of the soil be exposed to the sun. 4. Produce

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What I Learned From Having A Sacred Compost

I’ve never heard of a sacred compost and only recently have I gotten to learn more about composting. So, when my husband told me that he wants to create a sacred compost my reaction was, “What the hell is a sacred compost?” I didn’t know that I could learn a lot from having one, and

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Re-becoming Animal

“Ancient wisdom teaches us that, even without a single possesion we can be happy as long as there are flowers in the fields and birds singing.” – Masanobu Fukuoka Today I felt human and I felt animal. They are the same thing to me. I felt alive. I stood naked under a big mango tree

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Pollution In The Countryside

Introduction There are many standards by which people measure the “progress” of a society of civilizations. Most of these standards come from a perspective of domination over nature such as income and wealth, military powers, architecture, infrastructure, resource production and industrialization, technological advancement, and so on. Others use standards of human relations such as available

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How To Make Cassava Flour By Hand (No Machines)

It’s time to harvest our cassava and I’ve learned that the best way to preserve it is to make it into flour, because freshly harvested cassava spoils after only 2 days, but cassava flour can be stored for many months. After a few experiments, I have successfully made Cassava Flour by hand, without the use

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How To Make Cassava Paratha (Pan-Fried Flatbread)

This yummy paratha recipe is easy to make from cassava flour. Ingredients: Cassava Flour – 2 cups Water – 1/2 cup A Pinch of Oil First, put 2 cups of flour and add 1 or 1/2 cup of water. Make sure not to put too much water or else the flour will become soggy. Add