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Whats Up With White Food?

White rice, white bread, and white sugar are much more popular than their brown counterparts. I do not know why these “white” foods are so much more popular, because not only are the brown counterparts easier and cheaper to process, they are also more nutritious and healthier, and most important of all are better tasting.

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All You Need Is Seed

The only thing the soil needs is seeds… Forget about fertilizers; forget about microorganisms; forget about mulch. What your soil needs right now is seeds. What happens when you plant seeds? Plants start growing. Taking carbon(dioxide) from the air, energy from the sun, and inorganic nutrients from the soil. Sugar baby Plants use carbon, sunlight,

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How To Compost Humanure Safely And Simply

What is humanure? Humanure combines two words “Human” and “Manure”. Thus human manure. Simply said the practice of humanure is composting human excrement, that is turning human feces and urine into high quality soil in a safe and hygienic way for the growing of vegetables, trees, ornamentals, and other crops. Creating humanure fits perfectly with


The Paper Lie

The Paper Lie Everything in the modern culture of civilization is based on paper. Paper is the way institutions maintain and direct their power of authority. What is called “The law” is nothing more than a bunch of rules written on paper. When you drive your car for which you need a paper license to

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Does Everything Exist For Entertainment?

Does Everything Exist For Entertainment and Amusement? Every thing that exists has been created for our amusement. From the beautiful sunset and sunrise and the clear blue sky.  The birds chirping, singing their melodies for us. The swaying of trees, dancing on the stage. Stars at night sparkling like disco balls. As well as the


Herbal Magic

************************** Extracting plant medicines: ************************** Method 1 ——– 1. Boil for 3 to 5 minutes. (This part can be skipped with plants sensitive to heat) 2. Simmer for 20 to 60 minutes with a cover. To be on the safe side stay at 20 minutes to not break the medicinal molecules by heat. 3. Optionally:


Plant and Ritual Magic

For plant and spirit magic to work you must have unfailing faith and believe with all your heart, because doubt removes power from spirit. +=============+++================+ How to enter the world of spirit also known as the spirit world: +=============+++================+ 0. It is best to enter the spirit world at night in complete darkness, but any


The Enchanted Forest (Fiction)

Introduction This is a series of related short stories of a young priest who abandons society; abandons the world of men; abandons culture, and abandons religion. He then seeks out to find the answers of life from nature, in doing so he is forever trapped into an enchanted forest where he meets numerous magical beings


The Cycles And The Elements

All supreme knowledge is hidden in plain sight. It it is All right there in front of you. You simply just need to see it. Observation is the ground of All knowledge. The Grand Cosmos is governed by only 3 fundamental forces united by the fourth during 3+1 time periods. *Force of creation and formation.


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