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The Best Quotes From The Invisibles Comic

What is the Invisibles? The Invisibles was a comic book series written by Grant Morrison in 1994 which ran until the year 2000. The Invisibles is a pretty crazy comic book featuring magic, conspiracies, cults, aliens, sci-fi technology, sex, drugs, violence, time travel, philosophy, rebellion and a lot more! The Invisibles is a great art


How Birds Help With Reforestation

Over the past years I have observed something interesting that I could have never thought of on my own, even tho it is quite simple. When I first came to the farm there was not a single tree growing on the land and there no birds. Today there are lots of trees and its impossible


God Can Not Be Expressed In Words

The priests, scholars, and philosophers after long debates concluded… This is that, and that is this. But eventually they disagreed and after debating then concluded… That is this, and this is that. But eventually they disagreed again and after much debating then concluded… This is not that, and that is not this. Again they disagreed


Understanding Types Of Trees And Their Functions

In this blog post I talk about the different functions trees can have on a natural farm. Beyond a tree just giving either food, wood, or medicine which are the basic resources trees give, lets think of more roles trees can have. The functions are as follows. Note that trees can fulfill multiple functions at


How To Gaze

Mind pervades all, just like the sky. Wipe the dirt from the mirror of mind. And look into the space of the stainless sky. -Milarepa Gazing is one of the most simplest and enjoyable experiences you can undertake. Gazing is almost the same as Doing Nothing. The main difference is that gazing has an object

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How To Do Nothing

I genuinely believe that doing nothing is the key to world peace and happiness. If someone were to ask me: “What should we do about making the world better and attaining worldwide peace?” I would answer “Nothing, nothing all.” Presidents, politicians, and organizations get so worked up about attaining world peace that they end up

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Catch The Dust, Fertilizer From The Air

When its windy and dry there will be a lot of dust in the air. This dust consists mostly of sand and other small particles. This sand is literally top soil flying away, drifting in the wind. If you are in an area like me, then all around you will be bare lands with exposed


Whats Up With White Food?

White rice, white bread, and white sugar are much more popular than their brown counterparts. I do not know why these “white” foods are so much more popular, because not only are the brown counterparts easier and cheaper to process, they are also more nutritious and healthier, and most important of all are better tasting.

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All You Need Is Seed

The only thing the soil needs is seeds… Forget about fertilizers; forget about microorganisms; forget about mulch. What your soil needs right now is seeds. What happens when you plant seeds? Plants start growing. Taking carbon(dioxide) from the air, energy from the sun, and inorganic nutrients from the soil. Sugar baby Plants use carbon, sunlight,