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Learning To Walk Without Light

In the city we are bombarded of lights and flashes that remind us of the urgency and importance of human ideas; on the right we see perfect beauty, on the left we are blasted with ego; at the sides we are distracted by fancy lights of consumerism. indeed, our eyes might become strain from all


How to Cook Vegetarian Sinigang

Vegetarian Sinigang is going to be your next meal. Its sweet and sour flavor will give you goosebumps! Sinigang is originally cooked with pork or shrimp, but since we’re vegetarian I’ll teach you how to make it as tasty as the original one without meat. Want to know the secret? Keep reading and I’ll teach


How To Plant Sweet Potato

Planting sweet potato is as easy as sticking a stem in the ground, but if you want to know all about how to do the perfect planting. Keep on reading… What is sweet potato Sweet potato is an easy to grow tropical perennial (a plant that stays alive for more than 1 year) root crop

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Why Bitter is Better: Learning to Love the True Taste of Nature

I love sweet food. Anything in the range of sweet to sour I can handle, but not bitter. Definitely not anything that tastes weird and twists your tongue. But nature isn’t always sweet. It doesn’t just offer a tooth ache; it gives medicines and nutrients my body needs and sometimes it’s not found in the


Why Meditation and Trees Go Together

It looked down on me. It saw me smiling. “What’s in your mind?” the tree asked me and I answered, “Nothing. My mind is empty, but my soul is filled.” This is what I feel when I am under a tree, especially when I meditate. Ah, trees! There’s just something calming about them. I have

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How Nature Restores My Fatherless Life

It’s hard to grow up without a father. There’s something brave about a man that loves his children yet, I never had that. Throughout my life I had to parent myself on boys, love, life, and masculinity. I had a lot of hurt to deal with, including the feeling of never being good enough. Luckily,

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Making Our Own Water Filter

Sometimes you just got to be resourceful. When things break, creativity rescues us! Our gas powered water pump breaks a lot. Making our own water filter was just a spontaneous idea I had, but it saved us a lot when the pump breaks and it still does until now! Here’s How We Made It: Tools:


Why I Started The Jihatsu Eco Farm Blog

Even before I started out farming I read and followed several blogs from natural farmers from India. These blogs contained a lot of useful tips and info on natural farming, as well as descriptions of the farm lifestyle and issues on environmentalism. Sadly, by now these blogs have been closed and do not exist anymore.

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Top 10 Most Useful Masanobu Fukuoka Quotes

Pretty much everything that Masanobu Fukuoka wrote is inspiring and useful in some ways, but there are a few that really stand out so I made a list of useful and practical quotes that can be applied in gardens and farming. Most quotes by Masanobu you can find on the internet is inspiring and philosophical,

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A Pickle Poem: An Ode To Fermentation

Oh pickle, oh pickle. You have been fermented in bitter sweet sour juices. You have been brewed to perfection. Transformed by the activity of bacterial and fungal life. Trough the sacred mysterious art of alchemy, gifted by the gods, approved by the spirits, and practiced troughout the ages by my ancestors. I now taste you


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