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The Best Quotes From The Invisibles Comic

What is the Invisibles?

The Invisibles was a comic book series written by Grant Morrison in 1994 which ran until the year 2000.
The Invisibles is a pretty crazy comic book featuring magic, conspiracies, cults, aliens, sci-fi technology, sex, drugs, violence, time travel, philosophy, rebellion and a lot more!
The Invisibles is a great art work of the counter-culture movement and it even inspired the film series The Matrix.
It is even said that if you read the Invisibles things will happen and start changing in your own life, because the comic books itself is a magical item.

The best quotes from the Invisibles

I have prepared a list of what I think is the best and most interesting quotes from the Invisibles comics, just to show you how great this comic is.

    • Truth speaks best in the language of poetry and symbolism, I think.


    • We have mummified the living here. Removed all their anger and frustration, all their feelings; left them hollow and dry,
      ready to be returned to the world.
      Unliving. Undead. Accepting of things. Here we make little soldiers. Empty heads. Marching to common beat. Living, growing old, dying in our service.


    • We’re all receivers. Like cheap radios, they’ve tuned us in and they’re making us play their music we don’t even know it.
      We think our thoughts are our own, but let me tell you, they’re not.


    • Our thoughts are broadcasts. We’re talking about extremely low frequency magnetic fields blanket-broadcasts by our masters in the New World Order.
      We’re talking about these ELF transmitters programming our minds with carefully modulated wave forms.


    • They’re using our televisions! They’re using satellites! They’re using the music in bars and shopping centers!


    • When was the last you had a thought that wasn’t put there by them?


    • But what about the real world?


    • Everything that ever happened to you is real, even your dreams. Them most of all.


    • Now did you never wonder why they put a pyramid on top of Canary Wharf there, eh?
      It was built as a power accumulator. It stands on the major southern dragon line. Goes right through Buckingham Palace.


    • Human cultures where originally homeostatic, they existed in a self-sustaining equilibrium, with no notions of time and progress, like we’ve got.
      Then the city-virus got in. No one’s really sure where it came from or who brought it to us, but like all viral organisms,
      it’s one directive is to use all available resources in producing copies of itself. More and more copies until there’s no raw material left and the host body, overwhelmed, can only die.
      The cities want us to become good builders, eventually we’ll build rockets and carry the virus to other worlds.


    • Cities have their own way of talking to you; catch sight of the reflection of a neon sign and it’ll spell out a magic word that summons strange dreams.
      Have you never seen the word ‘IXAT’ glowing in the night? That’s one of the holy names.


    • And when we’re gone, then the earth will just grow over the cities and turn them into dust.
      Meantime, we must make allies of the tower blocks, and the motorways, and the industrial estates.


    • When you dream what makes you think it’s not real?
      It’s a fucking dream. You can’t touch it, can you?
      Did you ever hold the hand of the man who reads the news every night on the telly?


    • I dreamed of scented rooms and endless permutations of identity; boys becoming girls, girls becoming boys who do boys like they’re girls.
      And a world of gorgeous clothes and cosmetics and music and endless fulfillment.


    • It’s all about control. They got the tech from the Roswell crash, which was like a psychic crash; pure information downloading from another dimension.


    • Did you ever have have a dream where, like you get real thirsty and you’re like drinking a coke? Or maybe you’re hungry and you got a McDonalds in your hand?
      That’s product placement man. Dream product placement. The big companies are paying the UFOs to project advertising directly into our dreams.


    • We gotta access this other dimension, right? We gotta do it soon, cause it’s our only escape route from what’s coming down.
      That’s why they’re trying to control the internet, man; it’s one of the ways through.


    • Everything’s just trying to evolve, man. We’re trying to evolve out of the physical plane, and the rocks, which are physically denser than we are, are trying to evolve into our shoes.
      That’s what computers are, man, silicon chips are the leading edge of mineral evolution toward human-type consciousness.


    • How do we explain humanity’s restless consumption of all that lies in its path? How do we account for the hunger that is ravaging the earth?
      Have you ever watched a caterpillar on a leaf, my friend? Have you seen the way it devours everything in its path?
      Things repeat themselves on all scales, from the smallest to the largest.
      As above, so below.


    • It’s the way they make you feel.
      Every shitty thing you’ve ever done, every horrible, sick thought you’ve ever had, they turn it back on you until you can’t think of anything else.
      They can read you like a book and pull out whatever page it takes to make you feel like you’re sick or useless or guilty.
      They can break your heart and shit on your soul.


    • Hear this: When our masters’ work is done, every living thing will have the status of a machine.
      There will be no creativity, only productivity. Instead of love there will be fear and distrust. Instead of surrender there will be submission.
      We will replace contact with isolation, and joy with shame. Hope will cease to exist as a concept.
      We will cover the earth with steel and with concrete, this planet will be a factory farm producing morons to fuel and maintain the factory engines and feed our masters.


    • There will be an electronic policeman in every head. Your children will be born in chains, living only to serve and die in anguish and ignorance.
      Look around you. The process is already in its final stages.
      And YOU like everyone else, will take your place on the production line.
      Maybe we’ll let you be labor camp commandants. Sure is amazing what a little taste of power and a shiny uniform can do to even the most freedom loving.


    • Relax and keep breathing. Things might be a bit odd before you fall asleep.
      If it starts to get uncomfortable or if it seems like an abduction experience, just remember this: They’re not aliens.
      They never were aliens. They’re anti-bodies.


    • We’re false images designed to sell your products by exploiting your insecurities.


    • Middle-class parents are terrified on non-existent child killers; soon we’ll have them so terrified they’ll gladly allow us to electronically tag all newborn infants.


    • We are engineering a generation of sick, obese, passive consumers. Even the video games they obsessively play contain demoralizing subliminals.
      A weak-willed child is easy to manipulate using product-hypnosis.
      Look at their clothing for instance, the new breed are simply mobile hoardings, advertising the multi-national corporations which control their minds.
      Children are the future, our future.


    • Only in your world are tortures eternal. I am from the solid world where things pass. I have been a boy, a girl, a whore, a sorcerer…
      The darkness in people doesn’t frighten me. When you shut your eyes, afraid to see yourself as you truly are… That is when you see only darkness.


    • I saw that I lived in a world where the symbol was more important than reality. Where the menu was supposed to taste better than the meal.
      The next war will be fought in virtual territory. Land’s not at stake anymore, information is.


    • There were keys. 13 of the mirrors once. One for each zodiac sign…
      Mankind, in its despair had attracted the despairing ones, the forgotten…
      Before our very eyes, our reality… Our entire frame of reference had become the breeding ground for a kind of bacterial civilization…
      A machine race of meaningless, ruthless efficiency… Endless ghettos… atrocity camps… An empire of psychic army ants, eating its way through the foundation of things…


    • So many of humankind’s ignorant cruelties can be blamed on thwarted libido, I think.
      At La Coste we peel soft bodies and minds from the suffocating armor of repression, shame, and guilt.


    • I have been doing a great deal of thinking and what I’ve come to is this:
      Amid all the bangs and the drama and the grand passions, it’s kindness and just ordinary goodness that stands out in the end.


    • The alchemical marriage is about merging opposites; the sun and the moon, the good guys and the bad guys. It’s all symbolic.


    • The age of Osiris and Christ is over.


    • Things get more perfectly machine like over that way into the “outer church” of the Archons of order.
      But around the very next corner, an interesting thing happens…
      Here in the interference, the machine as partially conquered the future, but it never quite succeeds.
      This is a source of endless frustration to the smooth functioning of the machine.


    • What do people do when they know they’re on camera? They act! That’s why the world’s turning into a science fiction movie.
      Surveillance makes us all into stars. The world’s a set and the cameras are everywhere.


    • The Gnostic error is to hate the material world; the super-context is already fully present in everything. The material world is the part of heaven we can touch.


    • I am part of “nature”. Every airplane, every power station is a result of “nature’s” process. We never fell. We were never apart from the world. We lied to ourselves.


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