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The Paper Lie

The Paper Lie
Everything in the modern culture of civilization is based on paper.
Paper is the way institutions maintain and direct their power of authority.
What is called “The law” is nothing more than a bunch of rules written on paper.
When you drive your car for which you need a paper license to be allowed to drive it;
and you violate one of the traffic rules a police officer will ask for your “papers”, namely your driver’s license.
Then the police writes you a fine which is a paper noting you owe money to an institution called a government.
The money you have is pieces of paper with a written value of how much money that paper represents, even tho the paper itself is worthless.
If you disagree with the police officer you may get a lawyer and go to court with judges. The lawyer and the judges have made a career out of becoming experts in paper and the court is nothing more but an arena battling over various kinds of papers.
If you graduate from school, college, or university you get a degree. This degree is a paper stating you finished the program of the institution.
Yet the paper itself does not actually show any of your experiences or knowledge which are in your mind, not in a piece of paper.
To finish this program of the institute called school we must pass a bunch of paper exams and to be able to pass those paper exams we must read a whole bunch of paper study books to get knowledge for passing the paper exams so we can get the paper degree we want. With this paper degree, we can then get a job and earn paper money to buy real food to stay alive.
When we go to the airport to travel we are asked to show our documents, referencing to our passports which are again just a bunch of papers stating your personal information.
If we do not have documents we are said to be undocumented. Meaning you do not exist “on paper” in the archive of the institution and are therefore illegal without any rights.
One of those personal infos in your passport is your date of birth. And your date of birth comes from your birth certificate which is just another paper that your parents had to give to an institution stating that you were actually born on that date. Finally, as we want to enter the airplane we are asked for our ticket, which is another paper stating you are allowed to enter the airplane because you converted some of your paper money into a paper ticket which is commonly known as “paying for your seat”.
When you legally become married and here the word “legally” means nothing more than that an institution gives you permission to love someone; you will receive a paper marriage certificate.
With your marriage certificate, you are now bound by a paper to love nobody else but the name is written on the paper which is supposedly your legal partner.
If you do wish to love someone else you first need to get a divorce paper. All of this of course completely ignores the fact that emotions do not exist on paper nor are regulated by papers.
If you become sick you go to a doctor. After diagnosing you the doctor gives you a prescription which is a paper stating you get permission to get medicine. This paper is then shown to a pharmacy that gives you the medicine on the paper. Without that paper you will not get the medicine you need to heal and you remain sick.
So if you become healed from your sickness or not is based entirely on the doctor’s permission mediated through a paper prescription. The doctor has the authority to heal you or not.
It does not matter if the doctor has all the experience and knowledge to cure your illness and knows exactly what you need; in the end, if you get cured, depends on the doctor’s willingness to give you a paper prescription.
When you want to go to a bank for a loan to buy a house you will receive a paper stating you have debts with the bank for the house that you own, and of course, the ownership of your house only exists as a paper usually called “certificate of ownership” or other similar names. If you do not pay your debts on time you will receive a paper letter in your mailbox which is a reminder stating you still owe paper money to the bank.
The bank uses your money to invest in stocks. The stocks are pieces of paper stating you own a small part of a company. If the bank ever loses your money, because of a failing stock market then the bank will ask the government who owns the central bank to simply print more money so the whole paper lie can keep going.
Also, all modern religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and so forth exist mostly on paper. They are all derived from papers called “sacred” or “holy” by the followers of these papers. Whatever is not written in these “sacred” papers is not considered ‘true’ or ‘meaningful’ by these followers. If it is not the word of god; the word of Allah; the word of Buddha or Shiva it can safely be ignored as false.

Science and academics too exists only on paper. Scientific experiments are done and recorded in papers, books, magazines, and so on collectively known as the body of scientific literature. Whatever is not recorded in this body of scientific literature is considered unproven and safely ignored as false.
The written laws of countries, the writings of religions, and the writings of scientists all follow an uncanny similarity. This is because all of the modern culture thinks the same way.
This similar mode of thinking started when human beings decided they could control and dominate reality through writing whatever they please on paper.
There are many more cases of authority and power of institutions mediated through paper, probably too many to mention. Institutions wish to control everything through paper and paper is their primary tool for controlling society. If the institutions were able to they would even have you let “permission to poop” papers just to be allowed to go the toilet. Luckily the paper lie does not extend that far.
The institutions value the power they gain with paper so much that often faking documents is seen as a higher crime than murder or rape and severely punished. For example, creating a fake passport; printing fake money; having a fake driver’s license; or having a fake bank account is usually punished with prison time or the loss of rights.
This is one of the reasons why institutions always spend so much money and effort on the latest technologies for detecting fake papers such as fake passports and fake money. The institutions want all the power exclusively for them only, if anyone could create and distribute their own passports and money then the institutions would lose all power and control over society.
Papers by themselves have no real authority, have no power, and have no value or meaning; it is just paper. Wiping the shit from our butt with toilet paper is about the most useful thing we can do with paper and its use does not extend more than that. Toilet paper is just softer than paper money or a university degree, other than that there is no difference. Paper also seems to be good for composting and growing mushrooms

But what happens if we stop believing in the authority of papers?

That is when things get real. Institutions understand that papers have no real power, that is why institutions are backed up by real power in the form of physical weapons. It is the reason why every police officer carries a baton or a gun, and why the military exists. The paper lie is very fragile and throughout history, many groups of people have stopped believing in the paper lie and resisted the fake authority of institutions. The result has always been the same… A lot of death and bloodshed in revolutions, uprisings, and revolts. Usually, those who were victorious ended up remaking their own institutions backed up by the paper lie, and the cycle repeated. Those who were defeated suffered living in oppression.
But there is still a third class who are neither victorious nor truly defeated. They are the ones that live free from the paper lie. They do not exist according to history, because history is just more paper books dictating what happened in the past. History is usually written by the victor and rarely by the defeated, in either case, most of the times history books are just another form of controlling reality through papers. Therefore those who are free from the paper lie are free from history.

Welcome to the real world.

The real world which is the world of nature exists entirely free from paper. In nature, there are no permissions and no judgments. You can kill animals, and animals can kill you. You can chop down trees and burn down forests. Or a tree falls on you during a hurricane or a volcano erupts and burns you alive. You can eat bountifully or you can starve to death.
In the real world, there are no diplomas, no degrees, no ranks, and no banks. You only have your own experiences, knowledge, and emotions.
Altho in the real world, you can do anything you want, the world of nature still has certain ecological rules, they are unwritten and undocumented. If you disobey these unwritten rules you will not be punished, you will not go to jail, you will not be executed, and you will not be oppressed. Yet you will have to deal with the consequences of your own actions and follow self-responsibility.

For example, you may live in your house at the foot of a mountain and then cut down all the trees on the mountain for whatever reason. Then later when there is a rainstorm a landslide results and completely destroys your house instantly. This is not nature punishing you, this is not god passing judgment. This is the reality of your own actions.
Or you may live in a forest and kill every animal for meat and over-harvest all the edible plants. In the next years, there is no food anymore and you may starve to death. Again this is not a punishment by nature but the simple consequences of not respecting the boundaries of unwritten ecological laws.

These unwritten ecological laws are actually really simple, so simple in fact that every animal, insect, bacteria, fungus, and even virus follows. Even a child can understand it.
There used to be a time before cities where all humans understood the ecological laws of nature and we lived in harmony with nature for millions of years without ever destroying ourselves.
It is not possible to be completely free from laws. Even if you may transcend physical boundaries, I am sure the world of spirit has some kind of unwritten laws too.
At the very least the world of nature has the least oppressive laws compared to the fictional paper laws of humans.

When I talk about the real world or the world of nature which are the same, I am not just talking about the forests or uninhabited places or the wilderness. I am talking about the world free of paper, the paper world is the world of fiction. The real world exists everywhere even in the heart of the city. The real world is a world free of fictional power and free of judgment.
For example, everyone in the city probably has a knife in their kitchen or in their pocket. You can use it to kill anyone anytime. There are no physical laws stopping you from doing so. There are only fictional paper laws stating that if you did kill someone you will get a punishment dictated by society. That punishment may be very real like a cop shooting you to death or prison time.
If you kill someone and go to prison that is not the real world judging you, but the society of humans passing judgment to you. After all, you could get away with murder and not much would change. Now I am using murder as an extreme example and I am not promoting killing anyone. I am trying to demonstrate a shift of perspective from believing in a world of paper to the world of reality.
If you want to live more in the real world you must depend more upon your own awareness and experiences. For example, we may have a profound spiritual experience that gives a lot of meaning to our life, but the paper religious book we follow states that our experience is invalid or not allowed. When the experience of the real world is invalidated by religious text it creates a conflict in our soul resulting in negative feelings such as guilt, shame, embarrassment, insecurity, anxiety, and a general feeling of uneasiness and restlessness.
If you believe your identity as a person is defined by your degree; by your passport; by your job certificate; by your marriage contract; by the books you follow; by the amount of money you have; by what is written about you, then you live inside the world of paper. But if you define your identity by your experiences; by your emotions and feelings; by your love and understanding; by your real-world knowledge then you are rooted in the world of nature – the world of the real.

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