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How To Make Biochar

Making biochar can either be easy or over complicated. The easy way is to simply burn wood in a pit and then pour either sand or water over it before it turns into ashes. Once it is ashes it is no longer biochar. The complicated way is to burn woodchips in a specialized (expensive kiln).

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The Profound Lesson My Aspin Dog Taught Me

Our dog, Yaku, was unwanted. She was an Askal, a Filipino term used for dirty stray dogs that don’t have any foreign breed in them. She’s also a female dog, which made her previous caretaker dump her in our land out of fear that she will make babies. She was thin, dirty, and small. Nobody

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The Guide Of 3’s To Polycultures And Increasing Biodiversity

“A tree can not grow up in isolation” – Masanobu Fukuoka These are simple guidelines for polyculture planting to increase biodiversity. Mixing these 3 “types” ensures the most amount of benefit in time and space. It all starts with the 3 No’s: No plowing, tilling, cultivation, nor herbicides. No chemical nor organic fertilizers. No chemical

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Tree death – 2019

We survived the dry season, but sadly a few trees did not. In the dry season, it rained only once every 4 to 6 weeks. And altho I mulched the trees thickly some died. Most of the trees that died were trees that I planted at the very end of the rainy season, so these

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All You Need To Do Is To Give And Enjoy

Plants are the primary producers Plants among all beings of the Earth have the unique position that they can receive their energy externally from the planet Earth. Namely the Sun, the center of our solar system. All the other non-photosynthetic beings must take their energy from other beings. This is why plants are considered primary


Why Farming Is For Everyone

Some people believe that farming is for families. When you think about homesteaders or farmers, they almost always are a family. This is really troubling me. Why? Because I believe Farming is for everyone. Let me tell you something I saw on Facebook that made me sad. There’s a Facebook farming (permaculture) group that I

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How To Make Seed Balls

No natural farming blog is complete without the famous seed balls. I have experimented for quite some time with many different seed ball methods. I even tried to make a seed ball machine similar to a concrete mixer to make seed balls, but the seed ball machine sadly did not work as expected. So far

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The Sad Story Of Yaku Our Aspin Dog

Sadly our dog Yaku died recently at only 1 year old. I want to write her story here so she will not be forgotten, because in just 1 year she lived a remarkable life. Once upon a time, just after we got our Doberman named Seidr, and just after our 10-year-old Golden Retriever died from

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It Is All About Organic Matter

Natural farming and farming, in general is all about the management of organic matter. For those who do not know what organic matter is, it is basically any decomposed and decaying organic matter coming from any biological lifeforms such as dead plants, dead animals, dead insects, but also feces, urine, and so on. The more

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Tree Planting – Part 2 – 2020

This time I was not just buying trees, but buying a forest. With 400+ new trees on top of the 200 or so that were already growing, I am now hopefully able to reforest the entire land.