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5 Healthy Benefits of Not Having a TV

Often, guests who come into our house notice that we don’t have a television. This is regarded with a look of disappointment and sympathy. They would ask how our daily lives could be fulfilled without it, and why we choose not to watch TV.  So, I tell them these 5 healthy benefits of not having a TV:

1. I develop more meaningful conversations

TV has a talent of gluing your eyes on the screen instead of the person beside you. When I stopped watching TV, I was able to have a better relationship with my husband. We had deeper conversations without feeling that some show or person in the screen would interrupt us.

 2. I Am Less Materialistic

Deep in our unconscious mind, we are affected by how these commercials want us to think we need more than what we have, even if we already know that commercials are there just to get us to buy. When I took away my TV, I cleared my mind from materialism and see that I am actually content with what I had.

​3. I Can Control What I Watch and When I Want to Watch It

Television shows are set in a pattern that includes scheduling the shows in different times and putting commercials in between which makes people stick to watching TV an hour more than usual or even the whole day because they have to wait for their favorite show. The viewers also have to endure the nonsensical commercials.

My husband and I don’t want to conform to this autonomy. We want to watch meaningful educational movies that move us or make us wonder about life. We don’t want tv to predict what we should watch and when we should watch it. When we want to watch a good show, we simply buy it or download it and we watch it at our own convenience.

4. I Have More Time to Know Myself

I admit that I had once or twice been addicted to reality tv shows and gossip news which didn’t improve my life at all. It just made me nosy and envious of others’ lives. When I stopped watching TV I had more time to get to know myself rather than anyone famous. I had more space to focus on what’s happening with my life and what I need to improve so I can become a better person.

5. ​I Don’t Create or Influence Drama into My Life

Fake reality TV and overly dramatic shows cause an unconscious impact on our minds. When we watch these shows we see ourselves in them. We wonder and become persuaded that our life should be as dramatic and emotional as these shows.

Soon we start comparing details about our lives to the lives of characters in the show; we become displeased by how our partners love us or how our career is going, or how much we own. So, we start adding spice; telling our partners to give us more attention (a bigger engagement party, perhaps a huge dance mob with flowers falling in the sky? or a bigger gift for the anniversary like how those rich men spoil their wives). We tell ourselves we need to have more money so we can have the same house or car, or the same fame as seen in the show.

This toxic drama and lifestyle we let in our lives cause us discontent. When I stopped watching these shows I realized how my life can be simple but peaceful and happy. I appreciate more the healthy laughter and small gestures my husband gives to me, and I don’t feel the thirst for fame or power.

Although television has its own good aspects I believe that any medium can easily become unhealthy. Rather than TV controlling us, we must take control of our own life.

I choose to stop watching television and other toxic mediums because they do not give additional moral, emotional, or mental support to me. Life around me is my sole entertainment and you bet, it is more thrilling than any show I have ever watched.


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