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What A Life (2019)

In just 1 year the following events have happened in my life..

  • Moved to a new country; learning a new culture and language.
  • Designed a house, let it be build and moved into the new house.
  • Living in a bamboo hut with no refrigerator, and no running water while waiting for the house to be built.
  • Moved in with my wife and got to know her family more.
  • Started a farm.
  • Started knowing the community of the neighboring farms.
  • The children of this community destroyed and burned our farm.
  • Build a fence around the farm to keep out the children.
  • Nearly cut off my thumb with my machete, but luckily healed with minimal damage.
  • My knee dislocated, being rushed to the hospital.
  • I got sick with dengue fever, becoming hospitalized again.
  • My wife’s finger needing to be cut open in surgery to remove a cyst.
  • Me and my wife got a severe case of scabies, but we got rid of it with scabicide lotion.
  • We went on a holiday to Thailand.
  • Experienced my first earthquake ever. However it was minor.
  • Experienced several hurricanes one of them almost blew off the roof from our garage.
  • My wife’s 10 year old dog almost died and had his leg amputated.
  • We bought a new guard dog. A 6 month old doberman puppy.
  • We got a motorcycle and learned to drive the motorcycle for the first time.
  • The 10 year old dog died 1 day before 2020. 🙁

I wonder what things will happen in 2020.. Will it be hectic again, or more calm the next year?

UPDATE – Taal Volcano eruption.

Seems like 2020 is already beginning with a dramatic start… On 12 January the Taal Volcano erupted. We saw huge clouds coming out of the mountains.
We asked a farmer who passed by “What are these huge clouds, what is happening?”
The farmer shrugged and said: “Oh those are just rain clouds, aren’t they pretty?”
An hour later we got a text message from the government saying the Taal Volcano erupted.
There is no ash fall in our area because the wind is in the opposite direction. Altho at night it started to smell like rotting eggs, but the smell was gone in the morning.

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