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How To Make Your Own Water Filter

Sometimes you just got to be resourceful. When things break, creativity rescues us! We once had no other water source but the dirty water from the river. We used our manual water pump, but the water had a bad smell, grime, grits, and oil in it. So in our desperation (and feeling sticky for not taking a bath in three days), we created our own water filter. Making our own water filter was just a spontaneous idea I had, but it saved us and it still does until now!
Here’s How We Made It:
Normal Bucket
Wide bucket (the one your grandma uses for hand washing!)
Gravel – half a sack (or whatever amount can fill up your normal bucket)
Metal Strainer – half the shape and size of the wide bucket
6 Clean Towels or Cloth
Medium Sized Stones – 4-5 pieces

For the Bucket:
1. Punch a hole underneath the normal bucket using an old knife or metal.
2. Put the knife on fire until it glows red.
3. Then, press the knife on the bottom of the bucket to make little holes.
4. Wash the gravel as much as you can, so the dirt is removed from it.
5. Put the gravel inside the bucket, and fill it up halfway.
6. Put two pieces of clean cloth on top of the gravel. Make sure the gravel is covered.
7. Put gravel on top of the cloth to press it down. Don’t fill up the bucket the whole way. You’ll need about a few inches so the water can rest on top.
8. You can add one more thin cloth on top. Then, add the big stones on top of the cloth.
Setting it Up:
1. Place the clean wide bucket near the faucet or source of water you’re getting.
2. Put the metal strainer on top and balance it with the thin bamboo or metal in the middle.
3. Put 3-4 clothes on the metal strainer. This will serve as another filter for the water.
4. Place the bucket on top of the metal strainer.
5. Let the water go through the bucket and the metal strainer.
• To make sure that the water filter is clean, wash everything with detergent soap after 4-5 days of using it.
• Wash the cloth on the strainer after it starts becoming dark. Carefully rinse off any excess soap.
• Remove the big stones and scrub them with a brush and soap.
• Put the gravel in another bucket and wash off the dirt with clean water. Swirl the gravel so the dirt rises.
• Thoroughly wash the cloth inside the bucket. Make sure to clean it with water so the remaining soap is removed.
Anyone can do this simple water filter. This water filter can be used for filtering grit, a bit of oil, and dirt. This will not remove all the bacteria, so I don’t recommend drinking from the water filter! This water filter is great because you don’t have to keep replacing or buying new parts every month. We use our water filter for washing our clothes, dishes, and ourselves!

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