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All You Need To Do Is To Give And Enjoy

Plants are the primary producers

Plants among all beings of the Earth have the unique position that they can receive their energy externally from the planet Earth. Namely the Sun, the center of our solar system.
All the other non-photosynthetic beings must take their energy from other beings. This is why plants are considered primary producers; herbivores primary consumers or secondary producers; while carnivores are secondary consumers or tertiary producers. In between that there are wide categories such as omnivores, fungivores, insectivores, frugivores, and so on.

All photosynthesizing life forms are thus the main givers of the world. They are the ones that set the circle of life into motion. That however does not mean that those non-photosynthesizing beings that take their energy from photosynthesizing beings are bad or parasites. There is no bad in nature. All life forms have their own purpose or function in the ecosystem.

Human beings are in the category of non-photosynthesizing life forms, and thus we need to rely on other forms of life for our energy. Humans are in the advantageous position that our bodies can process a wide variety of life forms thus we are considered omnivores. We can eat plants, fruits, animals, insects, mushrooms, and a whole bunch of other strange things.
When nature is healthy it produces bountiful all by itself and we can partake of nature without damaging the ecosystems. In fact we can assist nature by giving seeds.

Giving back to Nature

All we need to do is give seeds. We can not grow seeds by ourselves, but we can give nature more seeds by collecting seeds from many various plants and then spreading them around, then it is up to nature to choose which ones to use. Plants want their seeds to be spread around and they have established numerous kinds of strategies to disperse their seeds.
As human beings, we can aid in the dispersal of seeds and spores.
We can also give back what we took from nature by returning all organic matter. Kitchen scraps, garden waste, feces, and urine should all be returned back to the soil; then not only do we give back to nature we actually increase nature’s fertility to more than it was before.


Not only can we give seeds and organic matter to nature, we can also give our gratitude and enjoyment. I truly believe nature wishes to be enjoyed.

When we enjoy the beauty of natural sceneries it satisfies nature and in return, we receive the healing that nature offers us.

Nature is to be enjoyed, experienced, and lived.

The singing of the birds; the rustling of the leaves; the swaying of the trees; the colors and shapes of flowers; the rolling of mountains; and the passing of the clouds. All of it exists for the enjoyment of all beings that partake in it.
The trees enjoy each other’s company; the bees enjoy drinking the sweet nectar of the flower;
the hawk enjoys hunting for mice; the grasshopper enjoys hopping from leaf to leaf;
the spider enjoys catching prey into its intricate web; and the delicious mango fruit enjoys being eaten by humans.

Of course, you will not give a gift to someone that you know will not enjoy it, you only give gifts you know the person will enjoy. You are also less likely to give a gift to someone you know will not appreciate it and be ungrateful. Likewise, if you do not enjoy nature, nature will not share its abundance with you and is less likely to give its gifts without receiving some form of gratitude.

Give up control

Another thing we can do is to give up control. Give nature back its authority and let it do its job, because it does it far better than we ever could.

Imagine if you are working on a project and then someone else suddenly takes over your job and limits your creative hold over the project, how would you feel?
It is the same with nature. As long as we keep controlling nature we are limiting the full potential and creativity of nature. Giving up control is one of the scariest things to do, but also the biggest gift we can give nature and if we do, we will be rewarded back with abundance.


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