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Why you should always plant seeds horizontally

I found the coconut in the picture in the forest near the farm. Notice how it sprouted horizontally, the sprout curving upwards. Like many other people I was confused about the right way to plant non-spherical seeds, but now I have with the tip of a friend found that seeds should always be placed horizontally

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Living A Countryside Life Is Epic

(Originally Written on March 2019) It has only been five months since we officially moved in our newly constructed house. We noticed how all the time commotions are going on here and there. There is no doubt that the land has its own mind. Living here has tested our patience more than a hundred times.

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Sacred Passive Compost

I recently read in a book and also a few articles that tribes and peoples in the Amazonian Rainforest would grow medicinal trees and herbs in their gardens. As they hold these trees and plants sacred and believe that a spirit lives inside them, whenever they collect flowers, leaves, fruits, or other parts of these

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Why I am interested in vines

If I would not have done farming, I would maybe have tried to do a career in research on vines. I think vines are one of the most interesting creatures on the planet. There are many different types of vines from many different plant families, each with its characteristics and growing patterns. Vines have so

how roads destroy the environment

How Roads Pave The Way To Environmental Destruction

Introduction Before the invention of wheeled carriages and animal domestication, all transportation was on foot. Narrow footpaths were all we needed to go from place to place. With animal domestication and settlements the paths became wider to allow space for caravans of pack animals. When cities expanded so did militaries. And with the large army

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Banana Planting – Part 1 – 2020

Every tropical natural farm I have read or learned about starts with planting bananas. Bananas are essential to growing any food forest or Agroforestry system in the tropics. The reasons for this are because of bananas: Grow fast Produce a lot of biomass Can survive droughts Can survive floods Shade the soil quickly Are edible

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What Slash and Burn Agriculture Looks Like: Confused Farmers

“Another problem with conventional clearing is that the trees are clear-cut and burned. At a single stroke, the fertility of the soil is diminished for decades.” – Masanobu Fukuoka   As seen from my house. My neighbor burning a part of the forest to plant bananas. The neighbor’s field is seen in front. The above


How I Experience Nature

“Laying aside one’s ego is the quickest path to unity with nature.” – Masanobu Fukuoka   “Paradise is our birthright and can be claimed by any one of us. Nature is not our enemy, to be raped and conquered. Nature is ourselves, to be cherished and explored.” – Terence McKenna In this post, I will

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My View and Experience with Snakes

Snakes… They are everywhere (Just like plastic). Seriously, they are everywhere… Found on every continent and in every ocean, except Antarctica. Snakes and snake-like creatures such as dragons or reptiles appear in the myths and legends of every culture across the world. From Europe to Asia; from America to Africa. Snakes are featured in every


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