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The Poem Of The Wild Couple

The Poem Of The Wild Couple

Her long black hair, like the mysteries of the night, flow down her calves like falling stars.
The horns on her head shows unwavering pride in all her actions.
Her tiger-like sharp fangs and claw-like nails rip apart obstacles and challenges.
Her blue eyed, yellow butterfly wings pacifies enemies into submission.
Her purple-green furry tail balances self-care and empathy for others.
Her breasts like ripe mangoes, and nipples shaped like pink petaled flowers;
give beauty, bliss, and hope to the world.
With her skin made of fish scales she smoothly flows through life without worries.
Her fierce brown eyes command both respect and gentle kindness.
Her whiskers, sensitive to the finest touch, instinct of the inner self.
Her body is adorned with all manner of colored gems, shells, and ropes.
Completely whole and perfect.

His hair is thick like vines moving like tentacles, seemingly having a life of its own.
His smiles brightly with shark-like razor sharp teeth. The unapologetic sign of true happiness.
His boar tusks curling upwards full of determination.
His eagle wings with feathers made of swords rise into the sky with courage.
His spiked tail moving wildly, brings self-control and willpower.
His skin made of tortoise shell is unbreakable like the earth itself.
His eyes, full of wisdom, seeing the futures yet to come.
His long beard flowing in the wind, signs of ancient times.
Adorned with bone, stone and jade jewelry.
Completely whole and perfect.

Together the wild couple fly high above the trees, where nobody reaches.
And walk through the unexplored forests.
Swim in the deep mysterious seas.
Wander in dark caves without light.
Their hearts, separate, yet merged.
Passionate love that burns like the core of a star.

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