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Why I Started The Jihatsu Eco Farm Blog

Even before I started out farming I read and followed several blogs from natural farmers from India.
These blogs contained a lot of useful tips and info on natural farming, as well as descriptions of the farm lifestyle and issues on environmentalism.
Sadly, by now these blogs have been closed and do not exist anymore.

Reading these blogs gave me a lot of inspiration and got me excited about natural farming. It motivated me to understand more about nature and ecosystems.

Having started my own natural farm I felt like I had the opportunity to also inspire others and to repay the kindness of those blogs I read before.
It makes me happy if I can encourage others to know more about nature and sustainability.

I know that I am not yet, as of 2022, the most experienced or knowledgeable in natural farming. But I feel like even my limited knowledge can be useful to a lot of people.
And as I am stepping on the shoulders of giants of previous expert natural farmers I hope to keep their vision and aspirations alive.

I also feel that time is running out. With the rapid increase of environmental damage and ecosystem degradation, I have a strong sense of urgency to inspire others to help restore nature and to heal from the destruction.
If I wait too long before sharing even the little experience and knowledge I have then it might be too late.

It may sound cliche, but every little bit helps.

At first, I felt alone in starting my journey of natural farming, but having over time spoken to many people and made like-minded friends I know that I am not alone in this. And neither are you…
There are thousands upon thousands of people who share my sentiments and who are trying to restore nature and inspire others to do the same.

I believe that a big part of restoring nature is also restoring and healing ourselves.
To recover from abuse, injustice, and the lies we have been told by those who destroy the earth and destroy our friends and families along with it for power and gain.

This is not just about planting trees or changing our lightbulbs to more efficient ones.
It is about gaining ecological consciousness and asking ourselves honestly what kind of environment we want to live in, what kind of society we want, and how we want to live on the earth.

It is my hope that with this Jihatsu blog I am able to inspire and educate people about nature and make people see how awesome living and working with nature is.

I am grateful for those that support me and my wife and all the others who do the same as us.

Thank you for reading.

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