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Whats Up With White Food?

White rice, white bread, and white sugar are much more popular than their brown counterparts. I do not know why these “white” foods are so much more popular, because not only are the brown counterparts easier and cheaper to process, they are also more nutritious and healthier, and most important of all are better tasting.

Many people have been claiming that white rice and white bread taste much better than the brown rice or brown bread, but I believe the people who say this have not truly tried eating brown rice and bread.
As someone who has been eating these white foods for most of my life, when I switched to brown rice, brown bread, and brown sugar I realized I had been missing something my whole life.

I must admit that brown rice and bread have a peculiar taste that initially can not seem as good tasting as the white food to someone who has been used to eating the white foods all their life, but if you persist you will really start loving the brown foods and be rewarded with healthy food at the same time. You will not be able to look back anymore.

Some people also claim that brown rice is not as sticky as white rice and that brown rice is much harder to cook.
My wife and I have been cooking brown rice on a daily basis and if you get the hang of it its very easy to cook brown rice, I don’t find it hard at all.
And believe it or not its possible to make sticky brown rice. All you have to do is soak the brown rice in water for 12 to 24 hours before you cook your meal. Sticky brown rice is really yummy, adding a nice nutty full flavor to your meal.

I feel like I don’t need to give much convincing that brown sugar is so much tastier than white sugar. I think the only reason people believe white sugar is better, is because they just haven’t tried brown sugar. Solely because it quite hard to find genuine brown sugar.

Where did these white foods come from?

I once heard that it had everything to do with colonialism, racism, and the divisions between the rich and poor.

In the past the brown foods where mostly eaten by the poor, because it requires less effort to process and is therefore cheaper.
As modern industry boomed it became much easier to process the brown foods into white foods and became available trough cheap prices backed up by large amounts of fossil fuels.

The white foods were a luxury food for the elite, which is ironic because the white foods are in every way inferior to the brown foods.
At it is with the masses… poor people always want whatever rich people have. And so the poor people massively adopted a nutritionally poor food when the white foods became cheaper to produce.

Now a days there is a reverse of the old days, where actually brown foods are rare to find and more expensive as well.
To make up for the lack of nutrients in the white foods consumed by the masses industries have been fortifying foods with additional vitamins and nutrients.

Another factor leading to the white food popularity is that during colonial era massive sugar plantations started booming.
At the same time chemistry included new discoveries on making pure cocaine and heroin which are white in color.
The high purity of these substances and their resulting white color combined with the belief of black slaves and race purity started the impression that the white foods are simply “better”.
Now that we know the brown foods are actually superior it just shows the stupidity of racism.

White and brown foods have absolutely nothing to do with race. The only difference is nutrition, processing, and taste.

Will the brown foods ever make a come back?

The modern culture has been so ingrained with eating white foods, that I doubt the brown foods will ever become popular in the industrial society.
The only way I can see brown foods gaining popularity is out of necessity – when industrial society breaks down and collapses to the point that processing the white foods becomes unsustainable in terms of energy and financial requirements. There simply would not be any white foods any more because the factories processing them would close down without fossil fuel inputs.
We might not be far from such a scenario in the near future.

Others might say that in the near future there going to be some kind of “health awakening” where all of a sudden the masses will realize brown foods are more healthier and reject the white foods. But I believe this scenario is far too optimistic.

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