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Loving Nature

The concerns and worries of what vegetables to grow; when will the next rain come; when to sow; what will work and what won’t; the costs of production and expectation of profits; the pressure of growing crops – All of it can give a sense of anxiety.

But in the clear moments, one can truly enjoy the present moment. To feel love and to be alive.
Fundamentally this is what natural farming is about… To experience the perfection of nature and truly enjoy it without guilt or shame or any other drama.
To see the colors and the mountains, to hear the birds chirp, to feel the wind. To be relaxed, at peace, and at ease with oneself and the environment.

I am not a slave to nature, neither is nature a slave to me. I take care of the earth and the earth takes care of me physically and mentally.
It is a relationship of integration and union; of respect and gratitude.

May I and other people have more of this in the future.

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